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Drop in and work together as a family on a science challenge in the Family Workshop at the SEE Science Center! The activities are available to visitors without any additional cost above their admission to the Science Center and are available only during published Family workshop hours. They are self guided with staff available to assist. Activities are ideal for kids ages 6-10. Activities take 10-30 minutes to complete.

Saturdays 11am to 12 pm & Sundays 2pm to 3pm

This Month activities are provided by:

Summer Math Activities:

June 3 & 4 Mathfreshments! This simulation will help students learn about fractions with delicious summer drinks like iced tea, lemonade, and fruit punch. The simulation puts students and parents in charge of a juice stand, where they select from a few different bottles that are fractionally full of different amounts of a beverage (i.e., a bottle with 3/10 lemonade and another that might be 7/18 lemonade). Their job will be to quickly choose the bottles that equal one whole (gallon) of lemonade. We'll start each simulation with some quick tips for learning fractions. Students and parents will also get to sample yummy drinks! The curriculum topic here is wholes and parts and fraction sense.

June 10 & 11 Math For Sale! Summertime is known for its yard sales, so this simulation of an actual yard sale (with actual items) will give you ten minutes to spend your money wisely. We'll give you the cash and teach you some quick percent tips so that you can spend the least amount of money but walk away with the best items! The curriculum topic here is percents and wholes and parts.

June 17 & 18 ProPOURtions. Use proportional thinking to quickly create recipes from basic ingredients. Families will get a recipe with the proportions that are required to make two dishes (watermelon salad and pasta salad). Are they going to use too much lemon, lime, or salt to ruin the dish or to make the dish scrumptious!! Each recipe will have a "serious" ingredient that - if added in too much or too little of a proportion - would ruin the taste of the dish. The best part is that no matter how the dish comes out, it will be tasted by our panel of judges! The curriculum topic is proportional thinking.

June 24 & 25 De-Bugging With Math. Stay safe this summer by simulating the chance that you'll be bugged-down with bee stings, tick-bites, and other buggy maladies that occur when you're outside a lot. Based on where you live, how much time you spend outdoors, and other factors, reach into our probability jars to see if you're likely to fall victim to New Hampshire's buggy predators! The curriculum topic here is measurement and statistics.

The family Workshop will be on Hiatus Starting in July as we will be hosting our summer camps in the Family Workshop classrooms.


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Visit the Family Workshop once a week, once a month or once a year, whenever you have a chance to drop by! 
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