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Water's Extreme Journey Exhibit at SEE

September 16, 2017 through January 15, 2018

The SEE Science center is inviting visitors to enter into a raindrop and journey through mountains, lakes, rivers and even their own backyard. In the Water’s Extreme Journey maze visitors will have fun and be challenged to stay clean and reach the healthy ocean. Discover how every day decisions impact water locally and globally.

Created by world renowned marine life artist Wyland, and Seattle-based Minotaur Mazes, Water’s Extreme Journey blends art, science and action. “Our goal is to immerse you in the subject by making you a raindrop susceptible to the whims of human activities.” Wyland says. “It’s a fun way to explore the challenges of keeping our water clean." adds Wyland. With a little luck, and effort, visitors can learn how to make cleaner choices and discover the rewards of a healthy ocean. “Through a brilliant combination of sight and touch, the exhibition has a clear sense of purpose that makes it one of the most powerful learning experiences of its kind" says Wyland.

“Clean water is an important issue both locally and globally and many scientists and engineers in our state are working to tackle this important issue” says Susan Howland SEE executive director. Our local watershed will be highlighted in the exhibit and the exhibition will include a model of a Slingshot water purification machine designed by DEKA Research & Development.

“Water’s Extreme Journey effectively engages young people in the natural resource decisions of today that will have massive impacts on our communities tomorrow.” Steve Creech, Executive Director, Wyland Foundation

 We are continuing to raise funds for the remainder of the funds required for this exhibit. Please consider a donation.

Water's Extreme Journey is included with regular admission to the SEE Science Center.

Water's Extreme Journey Exhibit