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Drop in and work together as a family on a science challenge in the Family Workshop at the SEE Science Center! The SEE Science Center will use activities provided by our experienced education staff in the workshop. The activities are available to visitors without any additional cost above their admission to the Science Center and are available only during published Family workshop hours. They are self guided with staff available to assist. Activities are ideal for kids ages 6-10. Activities take 15-40 minutes to complete.


Saturdays 11am -12pm and Sundays 2pm -3pm.

A new season of Activities begins Saturday September 27th!

Try these activities inspired by SEE's newest

exhibit Escher: The Science Angle

Sept. 27 & 28
Mobius Strip: Explore this amazing one-sided shape!

Oct. 4 & 5
Bridge Building: Build a bridge using post-it notes to see what structure can hold the most weight.

Oct. 11& 12
Stable Shapes: Construct shapes that do not collapse as introduction to compression force and structural stability.

Oct. 18 & 19
Stable Structures: Try constructing different shapes to build stable structures.

Oct. 25 & 26
Make a Cup Tower: How high and strong can you make your tower before it falls?


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Fetch! with Ruff Ruffman

The Family workshop features FETCH! With Ruff Ruffman. FETCH is a PBS science and engineering reality TV series for kids. The show is hosted by Ruff Ruffman an animated dog who sends out real kids to pursue interesting challenges. The series focuses on real world science, featuring kids as they pursue questions, conduct experiments, and actively investigate the world around them. The FETCH activities offered in the Family workshop are designed to give viewers a chance to play along with the show, even after the TV is turned off. Learn more about the show on this PBS Kids webpage.

Visit the Family Workshop once a week, once a month or once a year, whenever you have a chance to drop by! 
If you have any questions give the SEE Science Center a call at 603-669-0400.