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  Technology & Innovation Academy at SEE

Technology-focused learning opportunities for middle and high school students

Learn about science, technology, engineering and math through SEE’s partnership with STEAM Ahead NH from education and business partners throughout the Merrimack Valley region.

The mission

Our state and its business community hopes to encourage students to pursue degrees in technology fields and inspire the next generation of smart, motivated leaders. Universities and Colleges in New Hampshire have made a commitment to double the number of graduates in the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) fields by 2025.

The most effective way to reach that goal is to introduce students in exciting ways to the disciplines early on in their education careers. We provide hands-on learning opportunities for students much earlier than in high school classes and labs. The Academy creates exciting hands-on opportunities for K-12 students in both public, private and home-schooled environments; Those opportunities are led by engineers, professors, business owners, scientists and teachers.

2014 Program

The Technology & Innovation Academy at SEE offers the following programs in the spring of 2014, slated to start during the week of March 3. Additional classes will be announced soon:

Alice Programming – This course teaches students computer programming concepts (methods/functions, various looping instructions, if/else, event handling, etc.) using 3-D animation program called Alice from Carnegie Mellon University. This course will be offered initially to up to 15 fifth grade students from Beech Street Elementary School. Granite United Way will provide transportation for this course.

Students attend two hours a week for six weeks.

C++ Programming – This course teaches students the history of computing, binary and hexadecimal number systems and mathematics, Boolean logic, algorithm design and implementation, and modern computer organization. Programming topics include: memory and variables, mathematical operations, basic file I/O, decision making, repetitions, and subroutine.

The course is a college course and students will receive college credits awarded by the Manchester Community College. This course will be offered to 15 Manchester High School West sophomores, juniors and/or seniors. Students are responsible to provide their own transportation. The free City Green Dash Bus service makes a stop by the SEE Science Center.

Students attend three hours a week for 15 weeks.

For more information, please email Dr. Ali Rafieymehr at