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  Technology & Innovation Academy at SEE

This high tech classroom in the SEE Science Center offers diverse technology-focused learning opportunities for middle and high school students led by engineers, professors, business owners, scientists and teachers. In the courses students gain the skills to pursue technology careers.

Spring 2016 Course registration is now open.

Introduction to Python Programming
In this introductory 6-week course, students will learn the fundamentals of programming with Python. Students will create programs to demonstrate understanding of variables, statements, expressions, arithmetic, program control, etc. Students will use the skills developed in the first four classes to build a game in the last two classes. 

Wednesdays: 3:30pm – 5:30pm (March 2, 2016 – April 13, 2016)
Classes will be held on: Mar. 2, Mar. 9, Mar. 23, Mar. 30, Apr. 6, Apr. 13
Grades: 8-10
Cost: $100

To Register and for more information, please email Dr. Ali Rafieymehr at

Computer Science and Innovation Internship
This course is the last of the four courses required for the “Dr. Brennan Computer Science & Career Exploration” program. Registration is open to High school seniors who have successfully completed the first three courses (Introduction to C++ Programming, Object-Oriented Programming Using Java and Entrepreneurship in Computer Science). Upon completion of this course, students receive college credits from Manchester Community College. In this course, students will work on real world projects for some local companies and/or NH non-profit organizations. Students will be working on projects in the computer science related areas. The internship will be performed at the Technology & Innovation Academy at SEE Science Center. This course required minimum of 120 hours of work.

Tuesdays: 3:30pm – 6:30pm (January 19, 2016 – May 3, 2016)
Grade: 12

The mission

Our state and its business community hopes to encourage students to pursue education in technology fields and inspire the next generation of smart, motivated leaders that allow us to train and educate the future work-force talent. 
The most effective way to reach that goal is to introduce students in exciting ways to the disciplines early on in their education careers. We provide hands-on learning opportunities for students much earlier than in high school classes and labs. 


Past courses:

Video Game Design 101
Android App Development
C++ Programming
Video Game Design Level 2
Intermediate C++ Programming
Introduction to C++ Programming
Entrepreneurship in Computer Science