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The SEE Science Center's programs offer concrete interactive experiences in an informal learning environment. The programs all have hands-on components and provide an opportunity for students to interact with our staff and their peers. For over twenty years SEE has been accommodating groups of all ages and sizes; please call us for help with your field trip planning.

Here is what some students and teachers recently had to say about SEE programs:

I was very excited to go to this museum. It was a blast! I hope we can go to it again.
Carrie, Grade 6 Claremont Middle School

I liked all the details in the LEGO Millyard Project. I like how they had real water and every little detail like the guy under the bridge and the rats.”
Jamie, Grade 6 Claremont Middle School

Dear Becky,
Thank you for showing us those crazy chemical reactions.

Jon, Grade 6 Claremont Middle School

“Dear Becky,
Thank you for taking us to the chem. Lab. I really liked the chemical reaction that you did, it was really cool. I am going to be a science teacher when I grow up.”

Lindsey, Grade 6 Claremont Middle School

"We so much enjoyed our visit to the SEE Museum. ... Thank you both for a terrific field trip. Hope to see you next year."
Slimy Combo, 2nd grade teacher

“Dear Peter,
I want to thank you for showing the class and I around. All the inventions were really cool. My favorite invention was the electrical generator thing. Especially when I got zapped! The harmonograph was pretty cool too. Overall it was lots of fun and I hope I can come back soon.”

Zachary, Grade 6 Claremont Middle School

“Dear Peter,
Thank you for showing us the Harmonograph, the moonwalk and the electric generator. I had a good time. I really liked the electric generator. I can’t wait to go again.”

Cody, Grade 6 Claremont Middle School

“I had a great time! Thank you for showing us the LEGO Millyard Project. It was really creative. Making the little parts of the town was really fun and doing the scavenger hunt was fun too.”
Jamie, Grade 6 Claremont Middle School

“Dear Adele,
Thank you for helping my class to build a LEGO structure that had something to do with the HUGE LEGO Millyard Project. The slides, table saws and looms were really cool.

Cassie, Grade 6 Claremont Middle School

“To Mr. G.
Thank you for coming. I loved how you made an AWESOME chemical reaction, when you put soap and the chemicals and made a foamy reaction. I also liked how you made a big fire reaction. My friend and I said, “SWEET”! Science RULES!!”

Bridget, 3rd grade, Riddle Brook Elementary Bedford

“Dear Peter,
Thank you for coming to our class. Your presentation was wonderful. I really liked when you made the yellow foam. I also thought it was cool when you froze the hot dog and broke it. I learned that a chain of molecules is called a polymer.”

Elias, 2nd grade Thorton’s Ferry

“Dear Peter,
Thank you for coming in for a presentation. It was exciting. When I grow up I want to be a Scientist. I liked when you made an explosion with a ping-pong ball. I learned that liquid nitrogen could freeze stuff. Thank you again” Devin “P.S. Science is cool!!”

2nd grade Thorton’s Ferry

Please click on the menu below for more information about each program.

Guided programs are available at SEE. These programs are offered during weekdays and must be scheduled in advance and are available for groups of fifteen or more children. Please see each option for details.

Tour: Guided tour of SEE's exhibits. Demonstrations chosen according to the grade level of the students. Includes a static electricity demonstration.

Slimy Science for students in grades 1 - 5 introduces basic chemistry concepts. Students make their own batch of Silly Putty to take home.

Polymers and Slime for students in grades 3 - 5 introduces polymers and their importance; students make slime to take home.

Chemical Reactions for students in grades 6 - 9, students learn about chemical reactions while participating in four hands-on experiments.

LEGO® Program: Students in grades 3-7 use hands-on LEGO® kits and activities to learn more about SEE's LEGO® Millyard Project.

Slow Magnet Marble Race Students in grades 3 and up are challenged to think outside the box. Small groups are tasked with engineering a course for a marble to travel at a slow rate of speed – the slower, the better. Motion and magnetism are explored.
Race Car Challenge Students in grades 1and up engineer a race car made of LEGO® bricks. The goal is to get their race car to travel the furthest distance. This activity explores simple machines, observations and experimentation and is adapted for different grade level expectations.
SEEmobile This is a one hour indoor show that can be brought to your school or organization which features exciting "whiz-bang" science demonstrations. This program can also be done at SEE.

These programs are offered individually or in combination.

  • A single program is scheduled for 1 ½ hours, and is $9 per student,
  • a combo of two programs is scheduled for 2 ½ hours, $12 per student, and
  • a triple combo of three is scheduled for 3 ½ hours, $15 per student.
  • a quad combo of four programs is scheduled for 4½ hours, $18 per student.
For every three students, one adult is given free admission. Half hour for lunch is added to the schedule as needed.

To schedule a program, please call the SEE Science Center M-F 9 am - 4 pm at 669-0400 for all reservations.

Click here for important things to note about bringing a group to SEE for a program(s).